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Most injuries to horses occur over extended periods of time, and in many cases these injuries can occur due to the material they are walking, running, trotting, or jumping on. This means that the early installation of an enhanced surface is critical for the long-term health of the animals. Rubber-based equestrian surfaces provide optimum traction and shock-absorption that lessens the strain on horses and riders. Even the weakest horses can trot comfortably on our rubber mulch’s resilient and elastic surface, protecting their legs and minimizing bone injury. Horses and riders perform better, for longer periods of time, on rubber mulch surfaces.

In addition to reducing the physical stresses of riding on less-forgiving surfaces, provides a much safer surface in the event that a rider falls from a horse. As one of the most efficient impact surface materials available, rubber mulch provides amazing protection against serious head and bodily injury by absorbing shock and maintaining a soft texture year after year.

Rubber mulch surfacing for horse arenas and other equestrian areas retains just the right amount of moisture to minimize dust, holds up to rigorous daily use, and requires far less maintenance than other surfaces. However, it does not hold in water, so it will never freeze in cold weather, and will never mold in warm weather. It requires replacement far less often, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the product. Options range from basic, uncoated rubber chips to vibrant, long-lasting colors. Save time and money by choosing a low maintenance solution that will increase the health and longevity of your horses and provide superior fall protection for their riders, contact today!