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1/2" (12mm) Impact Rolled Rubber Flooring

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1/2" (12mm) Impact Rolled Rubber Flooring:

1/2" (12mm) Impact Rolled Rubber Flooring is softer/less dense material and is a a great choice for plyorobic, P90X, aerobic and high impact intensity works in home gyms, garages, basements where the user is seeking to cushion the impact on their joints and body.

Typical application: Fitness Centers, Home Gyms, Garage Gyms, Aerobic Areas

Impact Roll Notes:

Impact rolls are softer than regular commercial grade rolled rubber flooring.  They are meant to provide additional impact cushion, however they will still support equipment and weights being used on the floor.

They are NOT designed to be used as the primary floor in commercial gyms and fitness centers.  If you use them for that application, they will potentially wear more quickly and be harder to clean.


Width: 4'
Length: Up to 175'
Cut: To specification (to the nearest foot)

Shipping Time
Fast Ship: Yes, Black only color available
Fast Ship Time: Within 5 business days, delivers in under 2 weeks.

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