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1/4" (6mm) Commercial Grade Rolled Rubber Flooring

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1/4" (6mm) Rubber Flooring:

1/4" (6mm) Rolled Rubber Flooring is a typical thickness used in home gyms and lighter physical fitness centers that do not suffer from high impact drops. All rolls are 4' in width and cut to the nearest foot in length

Typical application: Fitness Centers, Physical Therapy Clinics, Chiropractic Clinics, Pet training centers, Home Gyms, Laundry Rooms, Aisles, Walkways


Width: 4'
Length: Up to 180'
Cut: To specification (to the nearest foot)

Shipping Time
Fast Ship Colors: Black, Blue Speckle (10%), Gray Speckle (10%), Tan Speckle (10%), Brick Red Speckle (10%)
Fast Ship Time: Within 5 business days, delivers in under 2 weeks.

All Other Ship Time: Other colors are not fast ship available. Ships within 15 business days, delivers in under 4 weeks.

Call with question or special request.  Sometimes we can work something out if you are flexible on color, thickness, etc.

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