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Spring into action and ready yourself for summer with rubber mulch

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

With spring well under way and summer just around the corner, now is a good time to get to grips with your yard or garden. Now is the time when weeds and undesirables get busy and begin undoing all your hard work from the previous year. Now is the best time to lay your rubber mulch.

We have had something of a wet spring so far, which is ideal conditions for insects, mold and other pests to thrive. If you live in Texas or Oklahoma, you have had more rain than the rest of us and that’s a shame. We hope you’re able to rebuild soon.

For everyone else, dead wood, tree bark and those corners of your garden you have been ignoring are now playing host to termites, ants and maybe even mosquitoes. Anything we can do to keep these pests under control is going to benefit us all in the long run.

Dallas Rubber Mulch has been busy these last few weeks as homeowners have been preparing for spring. Many want a low maintenance yard so they have more time to relax during the good weather. Some want to replace wood mulch with a less insect-friendly alternative and the rest are looking for a long term solution to a great looking garden.

Hostile environment

We have discussed the pros and cons of rubber mulch extensively in this and other blogs that we won’t labor the point here. Suffice to say, rubber mulch is becoming increasingly popular as ground cover because insects don’t like it much. While all gardens need a steady supply of insects to pollinate and complete the food chain, some are more welcome than others!

Wood mulch is an ideal breeding ground for termites and ants. Add moisture like we have had during April and May, a bit of warmth and you have perfect conditions for insect expansion.

Many gardeners have been surprised as just how many insects are appearing this year. A relatively mild winter, warm wet spring and plenty of food all combine to bring pests out in force. That’s something our rubber mulch can help with.

Rubber mulch isn’t hostile to insects but they don’t like it. They can’t nest in it, it doesn’t provide a food source and it doesn’t retain the water they like to breed. In essence, it’s a form of pest control without the fumigator or chemicals. While it doesn’t cure an insect problem, it certainly helps!

So if you’re looking to build a low maintenance yard or want to spend more of your summer enjoying the sunshine, consider using rubber mulch on your garden soon. Contact Dallas Rubber Mulch today to order!

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