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More rubber mulch FAQs

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

It has been a couple of months since we published our first rubber mulch FAQ and we have come across a few more frequently asked questions from our customers. While we are more than happy to answer questions, it may help more of you if we also answer them here.

If you have a question or query about any aspect of working with rubber mulch, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to help!

How is fall height calculated?

Dallas Rubber Mulch suggests a minimum depth of 6 inches to provide adequate safe landing for heights of up to 16 feet. This is determined by calculating shock-absorption of the mulch. The rubber mulch we use has been independently tested by both private laboratories and federal tests to come up with that number.

A number of studies have also been undertaken to assess the different properties of materials used in landscaping and rubber mulch usually comes out on top for safety and shock absorption.

If mulch is made from rubber tires, is there steel in it?

Tires use a steel bead to keep the tire on the wheel. There is no steel present in any other part of the tire. Before being turned into rubber mulch, the steel is removed from the tire. As the tire is cleaned and shredded, it is passed under strong magnets to remove any stray pieces of metal to make sure none get through.

It is a very reliable process that ensures 99.99% of metal is removed from the tire before it is reprocessed into rubber mulch.

Will I get hassled by the DEP for using rubber mulch?

The Department of Environmental Protection has a mandate to ensure the impact we have on the planet is as low as possible. As part of that, their work does encroach onto the way we live. Fortunately, the DEP promotes the use of rubber mulch as it is a recycled product and does not harm the environment when used according to installation instructions.

How long will rubber mulch last?

Dallas Rubber Mulch offers a 12 year guarantee on the color fastness of all mulch we sell so you can expect it to last at least that long. We predict that used properly and maintained, our mulch could last decades. Much depends on the weather conditions where you live, the kind of use it gets subjected to and how well you look after it.

For examples, a border comprised of mulch would last much longer than a play area filled with it that is used every day. Even in high use areas, we expect many, many years of faithful service before it needs to be replaced.

Remember, if you have any questions about rubber mulch, contact us and ask. We are here to help!

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