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Tire recycling and rubber mulch

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

There are an estimated 290 million vehicle tires discarded each year across the country. That's just over one per head of population. Mostly these tires are dumped into landfill, with recycling taking only a small proportion of that volume. That's changing with the increased popularity of rubber mulch.

The vast majority of vehicle tires would end up in landfill to decompose. Unfortunately, the nature of the tire means it would take several thousand years to fully rot down. The vulcanized rubber compound is designed to be heard wearing and resist wear, so decomposition would take the longest time.

Tire recycling isn't anything new, we have done it on and off since the 1960s. However, the sheer volume of tires we use is increasing all the time, so we have to look at new, innovative ways to responsibly dispose of this waste.

One of the newest ways to recycle old tires is to use it as rubber mulch. It's a relatively new use to old tires, having been around only a few years. Once the process had been refined enough to be safe for children and animals, rubber mulch hit the mainstream in a big way.

Dallas Rubber Mulch is just one of many landscape specialists who offer rubber mulch as part of our offering. We're fortunate in that we have access to the highest quality mulch that is guaranteed to not smell, not leak color and not cause any difficulty in use. Not all rubber mulch can say the same!

As a landscape product, rubber mulch has a number of significant advantages over wood. It doesn't rot, as we have established, it doesn't collect water, it doesn't make a nice home for critters, it doesn't get moldy and it doesn't disappear every time there is bad weather.

We love the fact that we can offer a superior landscaping product that has real world value. A product that's safe, effective and cheap and that is safe for playgrounds, public areas and many other applications.

We also love the fact that we're helping in a small way to reduce the number of tires going into landfill. Sure, the tires we recycle are only a tiny fraction of what we discard every year, but every little helps. The more people use rubber mulch, the more we recycle. The more popular it becomes, the more companies will recycle what we cannot.

Most businesses don't like competition, but in the recycling business, competition means more recycling. So not only do you get good value and choice, we all get a slightly cleaner world!

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