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Safer play areas with rubber mulch

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

Building a home or commercial playground or play area for kids? You could save money and improve safety by using our rubber mulch!

As every study taken to date shows, using rubber mulch instead of tree bark or wood chippings is safer, more environmentally friendly and easier to manage. As an added bonus, rubber mulch doesn't stain clothes, soak up water or get children dirty like natural products either.

Rubber mulch improves safety

Anecdotal evidence, local and national testing have all found that a good layer of quality rubber mulch offers the safest ground cover currently available. That's why so many schools, colleges and metropolitan areas are adopting it where a soft landing is essential, such as play areas.

Tree bark and wood chippings offer a much softer landing than concrete or dirt, but not as soft as rubber. All Dallas rubber mulch is certified safe in all situations. It won't fade, stain your clothes or harbor bacteria or insects like bark does either. It's the modern solution for an age old problem.

Children should be encouraged to be active, to run, to play and to have adventures. It's all part of growing up and instill a curiosity, a desire to be active and that adventurous spirit that made this country what it is. Too many parents are scared to let their kids run wild. Install rubber mulch into your play areas and let them do their worst!

As parents we have to do everything we can to break our children out of just playing video games or hanging out on Facebook in their bedrooms. Getting them outside not only helps them socialize in the real world, it also gets them used to exercise, helps them keep the weight off and hopefully, instills a healthy respect for their environment too.

If we can provide a high quality, safe place for them to play to their heart's content, we stand a much higher chance of achieving that. All while keeping them safe without them even knowing!

Rubber mulch won't guarantee that injuries won't occur. As anyone with children knows they find some ingenious ways to hurt themselves. What it does is provide a soft landing should the worst happen and lowers the changes of serious injury significantly. Kids will always find a way but they will have to work very hard indeed to find a way with Dallas rubber mulch!

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