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What is rubber much anyway?

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

So you're here, you have seen our new website Dallas Rubber Mulch, but what is it and what can it do for you? In our inaugural post, we're going to tell you all about it!

Dallas Rubber Mulch is a new venture from rubber flooring and mulch specialist Kodiak Sports. With many year's success as a commercial sports and landscape retailer, Kodiak has broadened their horizons to offer specialist rubber mulch to retail customers.

What is rubber mulch?

So what is rubber mulch? Essentially, it's a landscaping product made from recycled tires. Much like spreading tree bark over flower beds or in playgrounds, rubber mulch does exactly the same thing but with several advantages.

Advantages of rubber mulch

As mentioned, rubber mulch has several advantages over tree bark or natural mulch. It doesn't rot like natural ground covering, it doesn't absorb water like natural ground covering and it doesn't discolor anywhere near as quickly. It is ideal for ground cover in a wide variety of situations offering safe, aesthetically pleasing surroundings whatever the use.

It is also elastic, given that it's made from rubber, making it ideal for places where children might play, horses walk and many other high impact areas. It is already proving itself across the world in playgrounds and play areas!

There is one final advantage to rubber mulch. Environmental efficiency. Firstly, rubber mulch is itself a recycled product. Giving a second lease of life to something that would otherwise have been disposed of in ground fill or incinerator. Secondly, it lowers the demand for tree bark, which helps our forests. It also lasts longer than tree bark, offering a longer operating life and a much lower carbon footprint.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized the benefits of using rubber mulch in play areas. It also tested for skin irritation, soil pollution, air pollution and contamination and found no areas of concern. With their backing, many schools, local governments and homes are adopt the use of rubber mulch in their children's play areas and parks.


Rubber mulch is a serious contender when landscaping, building playgrounds, equestrian areas and much more. Given its green credentials and approval by the EPA, there's no reason not to try it. It lasts longer, offers essential ground protection and comes in a variety of attractive colors.

Essentially, it has all of the benefits of tree bark, with none of the downsides. Considering it's a very similar price and can last up to ten times longer, it's a no brainer as far as we are concerned. Try it today and see for yourself just how good it is!

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