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The problem with wood mulch and why rubber mulch is better

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

Having worked in landscaping for a while, I can attest to the fact that wood mulch is a very popular product. It is used in all sorts of situations, for all sorts of reasons. It makes effective ground cover and protects the soil from frost and dehydration. But I can also attest that things move on. Products improve and industries need to move with them.

While wood mulch may have been one of our favorite landscaping products, rubber mulch is now overtaking it. That’s why you’re seeing more and more play areas, municipal gardens, commercial properties and even our own yards embrace rubber mulch.

The problem with wood

One of our main tasks as landscapers was to revisit clients every couple of years to tidy up areas covered with wood mulch. That meant stripping out decayed bark and refilling areas with fresh. It wasn’t a difficult job or a particularly onerous one but it was an extra expense for the client.

Then rubber mulch came along. While at first it didn’t take off, once a few places began to use it, more people followed suit. Soon, it was being used or ordered every day by homeowners, schools, colleges and municipal authorities for play areas and outdoor spaces. Now it’s as popular, if not more so, than wood mulch.

The problem with wood mulch is that it decays, soaks up water, gets blown away in high winds and acts as a haven for insects. While gardens should be home to insects and play host to a wide selection, it seems the millions of them that like to call wood mulch home didn’t get the memo.

Another unsavory side-effect of wood mulch is mold. While most of it is not harmful to humans or animals, it can be harmful to our plants and trees. There are many varieties of mold that love to call wood home and wood mulch is the perfect breeding ground. It’s damp, warmer than the surrounding area and left largely undisturbed. That’s not good news for our gardens!

That’s why we think our Dallas rubber mulch makes such good sense. It’s environmentally friendly, made from recycled rubber tires, doesn’t blow away in the wind, doesn’t decay, isn’t attractive to insects or mold and will continue looking good for many, many years. So while it isn’t such good news for landscapers, it’s great news for property owners!

We now regard rubber mulch as the best landscaping ground cover there is. Why not see for yourself? Contact us today for a free quotation or order your rubber mulch for fast delivery to your door?

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