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Ten reasons why you'll love Dallas Rubber Mulch

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

There are lots of reasons why you might like to try using rubber mulch in your landscaping projects. It's environmentally friendly, looks great and offers excellent value for money. But there's much more to mulch than that.

Here are 10 reasons why you will love Dallas Rubber Mulch.

  1. Long-lasting –Looked after properly, good quality rubber mulch can last up to ten or twelve times as long as tree bark or organic ground covering. It doesn't rot, isn't susceptible to moisture and can cope with whatever nature throws at it. 
  2. Safe – Rubber mulch is regarded as a very safe ground covering. Studies have shown that it offers up to 58% more cushioning than other popular materials such as sand, gravel and tree bark.
  3. Popular with children - As well as being a safe material for kids to play on, they also love the texture, the colors and the springiness they experience when playing or running on it. If it's safe and fun, there's nothing not to love!
  4. Frost proof – If you live somewhere that gets a bit cold overnight, you'll be pleased to know that rubber mulch is frost proof. It also offers insulation for the ground, so your plants won't get quite as cold as they would with other materials.
  5. Weatherproof – As well as being impervious to frost, rubber mulch doesn't absorb water, doesn't dehydrate and doesn't need watering to maintain its color. It is completely weatherproof and suitable for almost any environment.
  6. Environmentally friendly – Rubber mulch is a recycled product, it's long lasting and it does not give off any gases or chemicals, as proven by the EPA. It also helps save trees by reducing demand for tree bark.
  7. Color options – Modern rubber mulch comes in a range of colors to suit the environment or the aesthetic look you're going for. The colors are vibrant and long lasting too.
  8. Strong – Rubber mulch is heavier than tree bark so won't blow away. It's also stronger, so won't decay as fast as tree bark either. It can also cope with heavy use, making it great for play areas or high traffic borders.
  9. Flexible – It's easy to work with rubber mulch. It's simple to use and can make even the smallest or oddest shape space look great. It doesn't matter where it's used, it gets the job done.
  10. Cost-effective – Considering how good it is at what it does, rubber mulch is very cost-effective. It could last decades, offer safe, attractive landscape ground cover for surprising little money.

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