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Where can I use rubber mulch?

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

Here at Dallas Rubber Mulch, we get asked this question a lot. The short answer is, you can use rubber mulch almost anywhere. As a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to tree bark, wherever you would put bark as ground cover, you can put rubber mulch

There are specific areas where rubber mulch stands out though.


Rubber mulch is currently the safest ground cover for playgrounds we have. It's soft, cushions falls and is regarded as a very safe playing surface. It is currently in use in schools, colleges, public buildings and play areas around the country and it is proving its worth every day.

We all know that children love to run, have fun and go a little wild. That's what playgrounds are for after all. To let them blow off steam, socialize, play games and have fun. With that inevitably comes accidents. Fortunately, if playing on rubber mulch, there's no lasting damage done.


However much we love our garden, few of us have the luxury of time to give it what it deserves. Keeping a garden or yard of any size free of weeds is a never ending task, unless you use rubber mulch. While mulch alone won't keep weeds away, using it in conjunction with a suitable weed barrier will.

Simply clear the ground, lay the weed barrier and cover with rubber mulch. The barrier is covered by an attractive layer of mulch, your planting is protected from frost and your garden takes on a much lower maintenance look.

Our mulch comes in a variety of colors, is frost proof, waterproof, doesn't harbor bugs, will last much longer than tree bark and isn't susceptible to weather at all. What could be better?

Equestrian areas

Having a soft landing when learning to ride a horse or when training the horse is a real bonus. Anyone who has ridden a horse knows that feeling of being stunned, fighting for breath and then slowly realizing what just happened. Rubber mulch can put an end to that.

By using rubber mulch in arenas, practice areas, training rings and wherever the horse spends a lot of time walking or running, you not only protect them but yourself too. Our mulch is proving very popular within the equestrian world. It not only offers that soft landing, it's also easy to look after and looks great too!

Those are just three of the many uses you can put our rubber mulch to. There are dozens of others and probably even more we haven't thought of yet!

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