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Rubber mulch, great looking gardens all year round!

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

It doesn't matter where in the country you live, we all want a lovely garden and attractive, practical yard. Whether your property is blasted by sun, rain, hail or snow, you still expect your garden to endure and look great while doing it. Clever planting, intelligent plant choice and regular maintenance can only achieve so much. Dallas Rubber Mulch can help with the rest.


If you live somewhere that gets a lot of wind, you will likely already know that however much ground covering you put down, it quickly gets blown away during a storm or winter.

Our rubber mulch is heavier per piece than say, tree bark so is much less likely to be blown away. You may still have to rake a few errant pieces back into place, but it won't all blow away during winter like tree bark will!


Many people lay tree bark or organic ground cover to protect their garden from snow and frost. It works to a degree, but rubber mulch is much more effective. Rubber has excellent insulation properties and is many more times effective at keeping heat in the ground than any other type of ground cover.

On average, rubber mulch will keep the ground underneath 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in winter.


The sight of sun bleached tree bark isn't a good one. Unless you have the luxury of being able to hose it down regularly to keep it looking good, it will soon fade and begin breaking down under the heat of the sun. Not so with rubber mulch. The mulch is colorfast and is guaranteed for 12 years.

Also, as mentioned above, rubber mulch can insulate the ground from the heat of the sun. It offers a much more effective barrier to UV and heat than any other ground cover.


If you live on a slope or get a lot of rain, you will be all too familiar with the process of looking out the window and seeing bare patches in your garden after a downpour. Organic ground cover is easily eroded and washed away. Rubber mulch is not. It is heavier, impervious to water and can resist even the heaviest storms.

As you can see, rubber mulch makes great sense wherever in the country you live and whatever type of weather you have to endure. Try some today!

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