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Rubber Mulch FAQ

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

When we first set up Dallas Rubber Mulch, our experience in the business gave us quite a few common questions to answer. This we did on our FAQ page. Since then, interest in our products has become so intense that we quickly came up with a few more common questions.

If you're looking to buy rubber mulch or are curious about the Dallas Rubber Mulch website, this post is for you!

Does rubber mulch get slippery when wet?

Rubber by its very nature doesn't get slippery, which is why it is used in vehicle tires. The mulch is made from recycled tires, so retains that quality. Mulch also doesn't absorb water so won't become slippery in frost either.

Doesn't rubber mulch blow or wash away in bad weather?

One of the many benefits of using rubber mulch is that it's larger and heavier than tree bark or other organic ground cover. It is too heavy to blow away in anything but the strongest storm and won't wash away unless your entire yard gets flooded!

How durable is rubber mulch?

All the products here at Dallas Rubber Mulch are guaranteed to hold color for 12 years. The mulch doesn't get misshapen, rot, is impervious to weather and can cope with very high traffic areas. There is no reason why it couldn't last for a decade or more if you look after it properly.

How do I look after it then?

Maintaining your rubber mulch is easy. Prepare the ground properly and lay it thick enough to provide good ground cover. If some mulch gets displaced, even it out with a rake. That's it. It needs no cleaning, no pesticides, no thinning out or anything whatsoever.

If rubber chips get stuck in clothes will they set fire to my clothes dryer?

In a word, no. The melting point for our rubber mulch is in excess of 500 degrees. The average dryer works at around 50-60 degrees so there is no fire risk whatsoever.

Can my soil breathe when covered by this product?

While the mulch itself isn't breathable, the nature of the product means there are always routes for oxygen to reach the ground when it's laid. Even when laid at our recommended thickness of 6 inches, there are enough gaps to provide plenty of oxygen to your plants and the soil itself.

If you have any questions about anything Dallas Rubber Mulch sells or mulch in general, email us or use the contact form. We'll be happy to help!

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