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Preparing the ground for rubber mulch

Posted by Jamie Kavanagh on

As with any job around the home or the yard, preparation is the most important element. When using our rubber mulch, getting everything ready in time and properly will mean the difference between a good looking landscape and a fantastic landscape. We know which we prefer!

So here is our basic guide to preparing the ground for a covering of rubber mulch.


As mentioned, preparation is key to achieving good results in everything we do. When preparing for rubber mulch we have to clear the ground of obstacles such as tree roots, weeds, rocks, grass and anything else likely to get in the way. Essentially, you want the ground as clear as possible before you begin.

There's no point using something as soft and as safe as our mulch and then leaving a tree stump in the middle. If you're going to fall over anywhere, you know it's going to be on that stump!

Then, depending on where you're putting your rubber mulch, you will want to level the ground. Rubber mulch works best on level surfaces but can be used on slopes, rockeries and terraces as long as the ground has been prepared properly.

Depending on the surface, you may like to add a thin layer of topsoil or sand to the ground to act as a leveling compound ready for your mulch. Otherwise, rake the ground so its level and there are few, if any, stone or rocks. Once level, add a weed barrier to minimize maintenance once finished. Rubber mulch helps reduce weeds to a large extent, but they always find a way. Adding a weed barrier minimizes that.

Adding the rubber mulch

Different landscapes need different amounts of rubber mulch. We usually suggest a 3 inch depth for most landscaping needs as it provides enough ground cover and weed protection without costing too much money. You can have it as thick as you like as long as this minimum depth is achieved.

Check out our mulch calculator if you're not sure how much to order.

Spread the mulch over the area to be covered and gently rake it to level. The mulch will settle over time, or when it next rains. Keep an eye on it then and rake once more to level if any undulations appear.

That's it. That's all there is to laying rubber mulch. All our mulch products are fully guaranteed to last and will provide many years faithful service. It's one of the simplest, most effective ways of covering ground we have!

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